I am doing a 56 days of Design Challenge

I am doing a 56 days of Design Challenge

Hi All !! Siddharth here. Hope you all are having a great day.

Design with Siddharth - 800x420.png

About me

I am Siddharth Ponnapalli, a freelance Graphics Designer from India with 3 years of experience in the field.

  • I've been working on logos, UI/UX designs, 2d animations, etc for quite some time now, which helped me gain a small chunk of knowledge from the vast branch called "Designing".

Here is some of my work.


Two keys.png


  • Since it is such a demanding field, it is really important to hone your skills and learn new stuff constantly to stay alive in the competition.
  • Hence, I've decided to post various designs of mine, every day for 56 days straight.

What is this Challenge about?

  • I am going to make mobile app designs, logos, illustrations, icons, etc and post them into my website and write about what I did that day on Hashnode!
  • I am doing this to showcase my work to all of you and at the same time, I can improve my designing skills.

Let me know what you think!

In this process, all I would need is support and honest feedback from you guys, which would help me in a great way.

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow. Can't wait.

Thank you, Siddharth Ponnapalli.